About Vescovo Buonarroti Art

Vescovo Buonarroti Art, LLC is a Nevada limited liability company and was founded by Steven Bishop. Mr. Bishop comes from a diverse background. During Mr. Bishop’s adolescent years, he lived in California, Chicago, and Utah. At the age of 14, Mr. Bishop moved with his family to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he attended high school for 3 years at Associacion Escuelas Lincoln (Lincoln High School) in La Lucila, a suburb of Buenos Aires. It was in this setting that Mr. Bishop became affluent in the world of culture, rubbing shoulders with people from all sorts of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds which contributed and influenced many of his beliefs and ideas. During that time, Mr. Bishop was able to travel to most countries in South America and became fluent in the Spanish language.

Upon returning to the United States, Mr. Bishop graduated from High School. After High School, Mr. Bishop lived for 18 months in Southern Spain serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After this experience, he attended college for many years with an emphasis in International Relations and Spanish.

Mr. Bishop began his professional career as a network engineer for WordPerect Corporation. Mr. Bishop is mostly a self-taught entrepreneur who has started many different companies including a real estate lending and investment company, a title insurance agency, a personal development training company, and a medical equipment company which specialized in life-support systems for hospitals.

Mr. Bishop now brings his diverse entrepreneurial experience to the world of Art. He believes that the Michelangelo Pietá is the greatest and most inspirational sculpture ever created by the hand of man. He also believes that it is his mission to distribute this amazing sculpture to as many churches, hospitals, schools, and collectors as possible throughout the world and with the assistance of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, he knows that this vision shall soon be a reality.

Mr. Bishop is happily married with a beautiful family. His hobbies and interests surround the emotional healing for those who have been scarred by mental and emotional traumas in life. He has been engaged in many fundraising efforts dedicated to the relief of human suffering. This is why Michelangelo’s “La Pieta” is so influential and meaningful to him. It touches him to his very core and he wishes to share his experience of this treasured sculpture with others throughout the world.

At Vescovo Buonarroti Art, LLC, we believe that the rightful understanding of the purpose of art is the inspiration and elevation of mankind, an idea which is nowhere more eloquently propounded than in the following statement from the Vatican itself:

Very rightly the fine arts, by their very nature, are oriented toward the infinite beauty of God which they attempt in some way to portray by the work of human hands; they achieve their purpose of redounding to God’s praise and glory in proportion as they are directed the more exclusively to the single aim of turning men’s minds devoutly toward God.