Mission Statement

Our family will never forget the first time we stood before the most perfect and poignant sculptural treasure ever created: Michelangelo’s “La Pietà.” We were awestruck. We realized we didn’t need to be art experts to feel the highly spiritual energy that Michelangelo was expressing.

Then we imagined. What if we produced an edition of life-size exacting replicas of “La Pietà” in the highest quality, and distributed them all over the world? Wouldn’t millions of people — who would otherwise never travel to the Vatican — share our profound experience?

Soon, we found ourselves back in Rome, after having just secured the exclusive worldwide license from the Vatican Observatory Foundation to replicate “La Pietà.” Now, with painstaking attention to detail, our craftsmen have faithfully captured and expressed Michelangelo’s original spirit and intent.

We are a small but spiritual American family committed to making a difference in this world. After all, we see our mission as not just a responsibility but a profound calling: Improve the human condition through a masterpiece that has the power to truly touch our souls, thereby creating a ripple effect of hope, inspiration, and enlightenment in as many countries as possible.

Steven Bishop
Vescovco Buonarroti Art, llc